Brexit update 2021


Brexit is a fact; we have already delivered the first shipments between the EU and the UK. Thanks in part to the excellent work of our agents in both the UK and NL, we have been able to serve our regular customers as they have come to expect. We made the necessary contacts well before the deadline of 01/01/2021. Thanks in part to these contacts, we were provided with the right information in time. This information enabled us to make the right choices. We regard this new situation as an opportunity to further specialise in transport between the EU and the UK. Where other carriers push the UK aside, we will continue to focus on transporting (veterinary) goods between the UK and the EU.

Of course, our other activities are not discontinued, either. Our connections to the other European countries are also intensifying, resulting in better and faster service.

Like everyone else, our work is hampered by the current Corona crisis and its corresponding measures. Restaurants and sanitary facilities are only available to our drivers to a limited extent. A mandatory negative corona test will soon become compulsory for ferry crossings. Drivers are no longer welcome at the loading/unloading sites and have to wait in their truck. Congestion at supermarket distribution centres. Shortened delivery times. Et cetera. By observing these measures and working as safely as possible, we try to do our part.