Brexit and transport of your Cargo - How to prepare

This blog is to update you about the Brexit, and which things to prepare to send your cargo smooth from and to the United Kingdom.

Brouwer Transport provides mainly transports to England and Scotland. So this blog is focussed on those countries.


Updates about the Brexit

Details about the Brexit aren’t known. So we will keep updating this blog with fresh information.

Update datum: 18-12-2018
Brexit deadline: 18-3-2019


Terminal Hoek van Holland en IJmuiden is getting busy

Our lorries depart every week to the UK leaving from Hoek van Holland and IJmuiden. 

Hoek van Holland handles 1100 lorries a day. And 400 cars above that. You can imagine the business.

When there will be a delay there isn't enough space to park the lorries. And delay is possible with all the extra customs regulations as a result of Brexit. Only the lorries with documentation that is 100% oke will pass to the terminal. 


Which Brexit preparations have been taken by Brouwer?

  • Digital infrastructure. The digital infrastructure of Brouwer Transport is up to date. We are able to handle the expected extra (customs) documents.
  • Purchase of extra semi-trailers. Because of expected longer transit times, it takes a longer time to transport our cargo. We expect we need more semi-trailers to handle the same amount of cargo. That’s why Brouwer Transport invested in three extra semi-trailers for temperature controlled / refrigerated transport.
  • Portbase. This serve connects all parties in the logistic chain of the Dutch harbours. It will be urgent to apply all documents on time. Incomplete documents? it will be impossible to depart with the ferry!

More pressure on loading time

We would like to request friendly but urgently, to supply all necessary documents on time.

Please feel free to contact our planning department if you have any questions. Please ask for Jakob Brouwer


Customs office in England and Scotland

Previously, Brouwer Transport worked with a customs office in England. This office helped us taking care of the right documents.

In 2018 we contacted this customs office. We they told us they weren’t able to provide their services for us. Simply because they haven’t got the staff to handle the big amounts of transports if it has to be handled by customs.

Please keep reading this blog. So we can keep updating you.


Which Brexit preparations haven’t we prepared?

If it will be a hard Brexit, we weren’t able to prepare enough to run transports smooth. The main reason is that legislation isn’t known yet.

Even if the Brexit is postponed with two years, this period is too short to set up a fully functioning customs system. We therefore expect it will go into effect in stages.


Return freight from England and Scotland

Return freight from England and Scotland will be seen as import to the European Union. We don’t know how this will be expected.



Do you have any questions regarding to transport and the Brexit? We are glad to think together with you. Do you have questions about:

The effect of Brexit on transportation costs? Please contact Klaas de Boer op klaas (@)
The effect of Brexit on transport or transit times? Please ask our UK planner: Louw Ruizendaal, info (@)