After the 'Afsluitdijk', a big dam in the former South Sea, was finished in 1932, many things changed for the fishing village called Urk. All at once it was no longer possible to catch salt water fish in the 'Zuiderzee', like it had been in former days. Landing the fish could no longer take place in their own port. The fisherman of Urk were now forced to focus on the North Sea and land their catch in the big North Sea ports like Den Helder, Harlingen and IJmuiden.
Encouraged by these developments, Jurie Brouwer purchased a truck. Herewith he was able to meet the fishermen's need to transport their catch to the fish auction on Urk. As the North Sea-Fisheries increased, Brouwer Urk Int. Transport grew at the same pace. The vehicle fleet was extended to fifteen trucks and nineteen refridgerated trailers.

Since 1995 Jurie's son Jakob Brouwer is the first responsible. Your freight is in safe hands with him and his well-skilled employees. 

Customers and partners

Brouwer Transport Urk hihgly values (long term) relationships. A number of them are highlighted here.


AnT Seafood
Rodé Vis
Seafood Connection
Van der Lee Seafish

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Sent Waninge
Thermo King
Transpas (planningsoftware)



Brouwer Transport supports the efforts of the fishery sector on their path to sustainable fishing. Masterplan for Sustainable Fisheries and forthcoming ships are endorsed by Brouwer Transport.

Participatie Stichting Masterplan Duurzame Visserij


Brouwer Urk Internationaal Transport BV

To pass on your orders, please mail to: Orders@Brouwer-urk.nl

For planning questions, please mail to: Planning@Brouwer-urk.nl

For administrative questions, please mail to: Administratie@Brouwer-urk.nl


T: +31 (0) 527 68 19 54
F: +31 (0) 527 68 31 64
E: info@brouwer-urk.nl

Westwal 4   
8321 WG Urk

Postbus 91
8320 AB Urk

BTW nr. NL007044100B01
KVK te Lelystad: 39040332


Brouwer Transport is ISO 22000 certified. Trailers are built in a way that they meet high hygiene standards. The trailers are frequently cleaned in the car wash area on our premises.



The temperature of your product is guaranteed to be correct. For your security, the temperature and the activities of the cooling engine are accurately recorded. If necessary, this data is retrievable later on in order to guarantee your quality.



Brouwer Transport is always looking for fuel-saving opportunities. For example by doing tests with a fuel additive. Our drivers have to complete refresher courses in 'eco-driving.' Accurate records of fuel usage create awareness among our drivers regarding fuel consumption.

Correct use of ICT solutions results in a tight schedule and few 'empty' kilometers. Therefore the percentage of 'green' kilometers is high.



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National transport is subject to the General Conditions of Carriage. International transport is subject to the CMR conditions. All our operations are subject to the T.L.N. general conditions of payment as filed at the Office of the District Court in The Hague, record number 238, on 1 October 1993.